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Ted 'Kingsize' Taylor hails from Crosby, Lancashire which is just a stones throw from the northern Liverpool border and quite close to Liverpool's famous dockland. He fronted The Dominoes for many years, played regularly at The Cavern Club, The Star Club - Hamburg amongst many other famous places and he pioneered rock and beat music from the early 1950's right through to the present day.


  Ted now plies his musical crafts in Germany where he had numerous hit singles over the years where he now claims a permanent residency. A born-at-heart Lancastrian he regularly makes the trip back to his roots whereupon he can catch up with his spitting-image son Mark playing in his excellent band The Marmosets.

  He tells me he intends to make it soon to Lankykats where he has a standing invitation to join in anytime with the rock 'n roll fun.. and I have an idea that he would be delighted to appear on the same stage with son Mark.. What a sight for sore eyes at Lankykats that would be.. Fingers crossed Eh! 'To the 'Lanky's', he says.. and many beat wishes to you too Ted..

Bill Hart: May 2013

Get in touch with Bill at 08450 94 87 95

Lanky Beat & Lankykats

Making even more friends..

Astrid & Bill

This is Astrid Krützfeldt.. and this is one fab person. Astrid knows The Star Club, Hamburg and all the artiste's including 'Kingsize' Taylor (with whom she is a great friend) and whoever else played there - like the back of her own hand. How? Because she used to work there - that's how!


She is currently on holiday visiting old aquaintences in Liverpool and Lancashire from the contact's and the many friends she made there in the 1960's - and says, "but this time I couldn't wait to get here fast enough."


She had spotted the Lanky Beat page on Facebook some months ago and through its several links she also found Lankykats. She promised herself that after 'friending' me she would be making the pilgrimage to see us in action and spend the evening at Lankykats. Last night Thursday 16 May - she walked through the doors of The Unity club and made that dream come true.. We were so proud to have her here in Standish..


Astrid is due to make it back in two weeks time to the next Lankykats night on Thursday 6 June.. However this time; it is 'we' at Lankykats who can't wait!..

Bill Hart: May 2013


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Gerry Sandon - Bill Hart - Alan Gilligan - Andy 'Boppin' Roby


Lankykats band regulars Just Vintage were invited by Merseycats to play a set at The Anchor Courtyard in the Albert Dock, Liverpool on a gloriously sunny Saturday 1 June.

Just Vintage were the first of many live bands, duo's and solo performers to entertain the hundreds of tourists over two days who flocked to the dock to rock - so to speak!

Alan Gilligan - Andy 'Boppin' Roby - Bill Hart - Julie Gilligan - Gerry Sandon

No visit to the Albert Dock is complete however, without a visit to see the magnificent bronze statue of Liverpool rock 'n roll legend Billy Fury. As an apt and fitting tribute to Billy they sang his No 1 hit record 'Halfway To Paradise'; much to the appreciation and acclaim of the passing tourists.

Bill Hart: June 2013



On a Quick UK visit in April 2016, I caught up with 'Kingsize' at Merseyrats where he performed a song with his son Mark and his band The Extras.



Website looks back at East Lancashire's leading dance venues and bands.

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By Gill Johnson: Features writer

Shhhhh.... "Is this gonna be 3rd time lucky or what.. LANKY BEAT on Salford City Radio 94.4 from 12:00 noon Sat 2 Feb or wot.." Bill

Made it!

60's music broadcaster Ian 'Pop' Larkin meets Lanky Beat's Bill Hart, where a 2013 Lankykats calender is presented to the studio.

(Apologies: Live streaming to the web-site was unfortuately down whilst on-air)


By Kikkatinkan


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Wigan Observer: 23 October 2012


Lankykats raised £560 for Derian House Childrens Hospice, Chorley on Thursday 27 December 2012 - Yeh

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 Bill Hart meets Russ Winstanley.. 

Bill Hart - founder of Lanky Beat and Lankykats being interviewed by Diane Herring - Chair - Hospital Radio Wrightington.



Bill Hart - Graham Lythgoe - Delia Taylor - Chris Hartley-Smith - Pip Fetherstone of Quenscourt - Christine Hart - Tony Bird


David Hitchen - If I Had a Gun - Video.. Click on..

 "Bill Hart sent me a copy of his 'Lanky Beat' - an encyclopedia of groups from the Lancashire area - Liverpool, Manchester, Preston etc. A work of dedication, well produced. Bill also has a Lanky Beat website in which he continues to feature groups and artists from the area.              Bill Harry - Mersey Beat - Via Facebook






Review in May/June edition of R2 (The old Rock n Reel) Magazine..


Hi Bill - Just to report safe arrival of the Lanky Beat book and to say how delighted I am with seeing your website contents in printed form, as the end results are well presented and instantly engender a severe overdose of nostalgia. In addition, thumbing through the pages offers a good exercise in identifying the instruments wielded by all those fresh-faced hopefuls from a now distant era that contradictlngly also still manages to seem like only yesterday. Would that making music was as simple, satisfying and rewarding in the current climate. 


 As you can tell, I've already gained great pleasure from perusing your publication, not to mention pining-for-the-past-induced pain in equal measure! Both emotions are well worth experiencing and naturally mean that another 'fix' is already necessary, so here's to more of your literary endeavours, i.e. Volume Two at least! My thanks again for all your help and for providing such a great printed link to formative times long gone but far from forgotten.           

All the best - Paul Day


Hi Bill - Just seen the Lanky Beat book write-up from the famous Paul Day WOW!. Paul is probably the worlds greatest expert on vintage guitars. He has written countless books, and is a regular contributer to The Guitarist and The Guitar and Bass magazines. Together with Tony Bacon, Paul has written The Ultimate Guitar Book and The Fender Book. I have used his Guru's Guide for donkeys years. Well done.                  

Michael 'Mitch' Mitchinson


Cavern Club - Sunday 17 June 2012: 2:00 -5:00pm.


  To date Five bands are confirmed to play with space for at least two more bands. The afternoon is based on the regular activities in the Unity Club sessions with a £1 admission charge for all on the door to access the Cavern Club Lounge. Admission to the traditional Cavern stage is free on this afternoon and Cavern visitors will be encouraged visit the lounge and join in with us Lankykats having fun.


  The usual band set-up preparations will take place from midday onwards. Sound engineer checks are to be held during this time. As usual, please bring your own guitars etc as all back-line, sound systems and drums are provided.


  Transport: There is the possibility of a mini-bus (or larger) being hired depending on passenger numbers. Please give Bill an indication of your interest no later than Thurdays night at Lankykats on 7 June.


  Media: Bill will press release our Cavern Club Concert to the press and media agencies in advance of the above date.


Lankykats Sound System:


  The sound system has gradually improved over the last few months however, there is still a need for further tweaks. Diane Herring is Chair of Wrightington Hospital Radio and a Radio Lancashire Producer. She has recently joined us and has offered her vast experience and expertise in sound system management to compliment Mitch and Keith who have done an amazing job on behalf of us all, so far. Between them, they have formed small team to deal with all future essential matters. If you wish to offer some help and advice too – please don’t hesitate. You’ll be more than welcome.


Lankykats Emails.


  Roy Davies, Ian Poulson and Dave Cavey each sent their apologies for not being able to attend this meeting and we thank them for doing so. With it, their emails made many valuable contributions, comments and suggestions which formed the basis of the open agenda items which are included elsewhere or listed above.


  However, Ian Poulson has suggested that Lankykats should consider the forming of it’s own record label to be used to distribute recordings without the need of pandering to the major record companies. Anyone interested in taking this forward with Ian – please let me know and I will pass your name on to him.


Donations to Lankykats.


  Many donations to Lankykats have been gratefully received on many occasions from many Lankykats. These have consisted of a mixing desk, amplifiers, speakers, guitar stands etc, to raffle prizes of bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, water colour prints etc. If you too have any items suitable for our needs – please help and donate.


  All of these kind offerings raises funds for Lankykats which have been initially used for equipping the stage so our musicians have no need to lug heavy stuff around with them in order to play at Lankykats.


And finally.


  Lankykats at the Standish Unity Club have generated a wonderful and unique spirit and rapport with each and everyone of us, and because of this, new visitors are arriving to join in with us all the time. Some are from as far afield as North Wales. We have ‘The Defenders’ from Holme Firth, Yorkshire (Yorkykats!!) and Chiso’s Revival from Southport playing on the 5 July. People are happily travelling for the fab Lankykats experience from Bolton, Liverpool, Leigh, Blackburn, St Helens, Worsley, Kendal and Accrington and I believe there are one or two Wiganer’s turning up too. This tells me just one thing.. Together us Lankykats have done all this together and made it so: ‘Lankykats – It’s the future…’ (Thanks to Mick Hannon for the use of your slogan).


Bill Hart June 2012



18 June 2010





  On Sunday 17 June, Lankykats - the musicians and supporters who meet regularly in the heart of Lancashire at The Standish Unity Club - will make a Merseyside pilgrimage to play a very special concert for many local worthy and charitable causes.


  Bill Hart – Lankykats founder, who has organised the event said, “this was shop window for Lancastrian rock ‘n roll talent to perform at the most famous rock ‘n roll venue in the world.”


  A packed Cavern Club in Liverpool  were treated to a history making show consisting of six bands and several  surprise guests in a memorable show lasting over fours hours and played out on the very stage named after Sir Paul McCartney.


  Musicians gathered together from Burnley, Salford, Standish, Leigh and Wigan to treat a rapturous audience who made the pilgrimage to the home and heart of the unmistakable 1960’s Mersey sound made famous back then by the Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Cilla Black and many more.



The Bluenotes

Tex & The Hardcore Troubadours

Tom - Dick 'n Harry


The Bedrox

The Original Rock ‘n Roll Band



  Many people fulfilled a life-long dream by playing their favorite songs and helping to raise funds for charity at the same time. Mick Hannon of the Bedrox said. “I’ve been playing for 50 years but I’ve never had quite the same thrill of playing anywhere in the world until today. Mine and many others dreams came true because of Lankykats and now I can proudly say, ‘I’ve played at The Cavern Club too’.”


  Bill added, “local charities and worthy causes will greatly benefit from this resoundingly successful concert today, if you’d like to join us, Lankykats host regular shows at the Standish Unity Club on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.”


Bill Hart

08450 94 87 95


The Standish Unity Club

Cross Street



01257 424007


Attached Photograph:

NEWLiiNE Words & Music UK


7 June 2010




A recent rock ‘n roll phenomenon that has taken the north-west by storm is set to make musical history and to take the stage in Liverpool’s world famous Cavern Club – the venue made famous by The Beatles.


  On Sunday 17 June, Lankykats - the musicians and supporters who meet regularly in the heart of Lancashire at The Standish Unity Club - will make a Merseyside pilgrimage to play a very special concert for many local worthy and charitable causes.


  Bill Hart – Lankykats founder, who has organised the event said, “this is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for many Lancastrian musicians to perform at the most famous rock ‘n roll venue in the world. Some of us played there back in the sixties before Mersey Sound became synonymous with the extraordinary beat being played by the many groups who played there at the time. But many musicians never got the chance. Only a relative handful walked down those famous steps and into the dark cellar and played to rapturous young audiences in those days. For other Lankykats, taking the show on the road down the east Lancashire Road in this way, means they will fulfill a life-long dream by playing their favorite songs and helping to raise funds for charity at the same time.”


  Six bands getting ready to rock 'n roll are:-


The Bluenotes

Tex & The Hardcore Troubadours

Tom - Dick 'n Harry

The Original Rock 'n Roll Band


The Bedrox


  The Cavern Club events organiser Jon Keats added, “we will always welcome special events of this kind at the Cavern, Lankykats deserve to be rewarded in some way which recognises all the hard, unpaid work which goes into their fund raising events for charities. We here have provided all the sound equipment, amplifiers and drum kit, so all the musicians have to do is turn up with their guitars and drum sticks and play. A sound engineer will provide full sound control throughout the concert.”


  Lankykats at the Cavern Club will commence at 2: 00pm till 6: 00 with a £1 admission – including the musicians – to the Cavern Club Lounge. Entry to other areas is free on the afternoon with a fully staffed bar and plenty of opportunities to wonder down Mathew Street, visit the Cavern Pub and make purchases from the well-stocked Cavern souvenirs shop.


  “We have a couple a openings for other bands and unattached individuals,” says Bill. “They might consider turning up on spec’ and performing for just one song or even a few – Just give me a ring to discuss the details. Then maybe you too will be able to one day proudly say, ‘I’ve played at The Cavern Club too.’”


Bill Hart

08450 94 87 95

The Cavern Club

10 Mathew Street


L2 6RE


NEWLiiNE Words & Music UK

"It's what Lankykats do.."

"Lankykats Compere Keith Moore recently visited and entertained a small audience at the stroke rehabilitation centre at The Leigh Taylor Unit.

In the audience and helping matters run smoothly is my wife and Lankykat Doreen Brown sitting top middle, and next to the door is Lankykats Alan Liptrot former bass player with The Vaqueros.

It was a heart warming experience to see them all trying to join in and they really enjoyed Keith's-one-man show. They have asked him to return and do it all over again very soon.

This is the kind of activity helps them to regain lost speech and no one can put a value on how much it is appreciated and enjoyed."

Lankykats: Malc' Brown: January 2013


Gerry Sandon -  Linda Hitchmough

"Lankykats Gerry and Linda did a great job at The Taylor Unit for the stroke patients. He and Linda put on a great show singing and playing songs from the sixties to the 90's. All in all, it was a great night. We got the wheelchair taxi to take ex Vaquero's Alan Liptrot up to The Taylor Unit and back home again."

The audience getting in to it with Gerry!

                    Lankykat Alan Liptrot - As a Vaquero..


Pics: Malc' Brown: March 2013

The Visitor (Morcambe) 22 November 2011


Lankykats hosted a special visitor last Thurday Night..

                  Hannah at work.                    Hannah enjoys a Lankykats cuppa!


Hannah Smith from the newspaper 'The Wigan Courier' spent almost two hours taking in the rock 'n roll atmosphere, interviewing and photographing many Lankykats for a forthcoming article due out week commencing Monday 20 February 2012.


  Her work satisfactorily done she commented, "tonight (Lankykats) is something so different and totally unique in that most organisations these days, just want to generate income and be successful businesses, but Lankykats just seem to want to do it for fun?"

  Bill Hart - the founder replied, "Lankykats is run by musicians for musicians to enjoy the buzz we all get from playing live music to an enthusiastic audience - and such as we do; we also generate an income." 

  Tony Bird added, "this is necessary to pay for all the equipment we require and when we've done that we'll be looking at many local worthy and charitable causes to assist and fund. Lankykats will soon be donating musical instruments to schools, youth and handicapped centers - and we'll have fun doing that too."


  If any local organisation would like to get in touch to chat about this scheme then please email or ring BT Lo-Call 08450 94 87 95.

Lankykats Tony Bird and Bill Hart read The Wigan Courier.


Natalie Geraghty - Inauagural Winner

The caption to the right should read:

R: Tony Bird of The PACT:  Mick Hannan - The Trakkers: Bill Hart - Shyms & Tynfoil:Jerry Eccles - The Envoys:

F: Keith Wright - The Sportmen: Mitch Mitchinson - Ipso Facto:  Roy Davies - The Blue Diamonds & Pokie:

*Reproduced by kind permission of T he Wigan Evening Pos

Reproduced by kind permission and courtesy of The Wigan Observer: 17 January 2012