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8' till 11:00pm

£1 on the door



as listed below


8: 00 - 8: 45pm


8: 45 - 9:30pm


9: 30 - 10: 15


10:15 -11:00pm


Fans.. families.. friends.. singles.. everyone welcome.


Bottle's of something raffle..

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The Standish Unity Club Live Lounge

Cross Street



01257 424007


5 Mins M6 Junction 27

15 Mins M62 Junction 6


Rocking in 2017 for eight charities*

and having a shed-full of fun

while we're doing it!






£19, 221




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*Lankykats are famous for providing 'four live bands for a quid...' and we will always resist increasing our door admission charge of a £1. People often say we are 'too cheap' and a night out at Lankykats is worth a lot more that! We say... "we are happy with the way things are and we don't want to change anything." However, if people feel that they would like to tip-up more than £1 on the door (as some people already do) then you are more than welcome to do so. Then again you can always buy more raffle tickets or put your loose change in the charity bucket at the end of the night. As you know, nobody gets paid at Lankykats where everyone is a willing volunteer and this income funds our state-of-the-art sound equipment and our eight delegated charities. Either way we will continue to supply you with a happy smiling face at the end of each and every night you spend with us... Rock 'n roll forever...

Billy Lankykat.



In 2010, whilst building the historic Lancastrian archive rock 'n roll website called Lanky Beat, I could never have imagined what was going to happen next. As it turned out it was to be a set of delightful consequences. From uploading my own 60's band pics, I was soon to be deluged with other like minded musicians sending me their coveted contributions to the amazing 50s, 60s and 70's rock music era, and the parts that they themselves played in it.


In constructing the website, I wanted to fill the huge gap in the history of rock music in the north west of England and in particular - Lancashire. Manchester and Liverpool were of course well documented and underpinned by the unique phenomenon and legacy left behind by world famous bands like The Beatles and The Hollies. However, I wanted to put forward the notion that 'we too' played our small but collective part in these proceedings. In short, I set out to put Lancashire on the world's rock 'n roll map, hence my Lanky Beat archive with well over 300 bands now uploaded, with Lanky Beat being the parody title of the existing household and world renowned name - Mersey Beat.


It didn't take long thereafter, before another idea kicked in. Such was the massive interest in the nostalgia of Lanky Beat’s popularity, suppressed and dormant musical feelings were being stirred. Old guitars where being carefully dusted down and drum kits began to be finely re-tuned. These guys needed to play their live music again. Lankykats was formed in September 2011 as a rock 'n roll charity collective. Located in the heart of Lancashire with good transport links and based in a venue of agreeable ambience; the Standish Unity Club was ideal. The first meeting was held with an attendance of 22 volunteers, most of whom were musicians. We were off...


Twists and turns were aplenty. We put together two shows a month enabling musicians to play a 30 minute set, and then relax and watch the others do their bit. Soon the word was out and we were being contacted by existing, reformed and never-went-away bands - all eager to play, leave their own heavy gear at home and bring along just guitars and drumsticks. We charged (and still do) £1 for all, on-the-door admissions - which included the musicians.


We began building a sound system with quality back-line amplifiers and a professional drum kit but progress was slow, however our popularity was growing fast. Chance and fate are a funny things. Lanky Beat and Lankykats websites together with Facebook were making new friends all the time; enter Diane Herring, Chair of Hospital Radio Wrightington. Making contact and attending her first Lankykats show night, she knew - as a vastly experienced sound engineer of some 30 years and BBC Radio Lancashire producer - that Lankykats had problems with their sound system. If Lankykats were going to attract musicians to give of their services free for charitable causes, they would have to play through a top quality state-of-the-art sound system - controlled by a quality sound engineer. She was in...


Diane began her work with Lankykats which continues successfully to this very day. The proof of which is easily evidenced by recently celebrating over 100 shows over the last four years, with over £10,000 being raised for local charities. Not content with these wonderful achievements, Lankykats and Diane's Hospital Radio Wrightington's professional relationship was also flourishing and joint projects were developing. The Lanky Beat Show was born, hosted by myself with Diane producing a suitable product for broadcasts on Youtube, and our related websites. In addition, live outside broadcasts are planned for Lankykats shows and a pilot show has already been undertaken, done and dusted. Hospital Radio Wrightington are also charity recipients of Lankykats; as one of their named charities. To date they have received funds of £2000 and stand to acquire even more in the near future.


Of course, it requires passion, dedication and shear hard graft to put together a successful volunteer organisation and keep them going. Both WHR and Lankykats with their amazing volunteer members continue to grow stronger by working closely together. Both have emerged simultaneously from very recent, resembling and similar circumstances where Lankykats didn't exist at all and WHR almost went out of existence. Look at both organisations now. Collaboration, cooperation and collusion. Each thriving in its own right and becoming stronger by working together. Without me seemingly getting carried away... It's just like a musical marriage made in rock 'n roll heaven!

Bill Hart: July 2015.